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Joseph Bikart is a founding partner and director of the international consulting firm Templar Advisors. For the past 20 years, following a first career in investment banking, he has advised leaders in corporate and public life on their communication and negotiations. Through his work with thousands of decision-makers, he has created Decisiology, an innovative approach to executive coaching, drawing from his studies at the Institute of Psychoanalysis and at the Tavistock in London. He is also a keynote speaker, and a lecturer at the London Business School.


Advisor, executive coach &

keynote speaker

The Art of Decision Making


Drawing from philosophy, psychology, literature

and theology, Joseph Bikart uses decades of experience as an advisor to leading companies around the world to explore how and why we make decisions and how to restore volition.

The Art of Decision Making

A guidebook to transform will into action

‘There is a Hamlet in each of us—troubled hours where we are called to choose and yet flee that appointment. In The Art of Decision Making, Joseph Bikart explores the anatomy of this perpetual dilemma: which factors lead to choice, and which keep us from choosing? Bikart leads the reader to greater understanding, greater accountability, and greater facility in cutting through the nettlesome thicket of life to a place of resolve.’

-James Hollis, Ph.D, Bestselling author of Living an Examined Life




Joseph Bikart’s The Art of Decision Making is volatile. It shakes you by the scruff of your procrastination and willfully wakes you from your slumber of indecision. Bikart steers a brilliant course through these difficult waters and delivers his reader to new and clear-blue depths, encompassing the philosophy, psychology and cartography of every dimension of decision making. The Art of Decision Making is blissfully relieving of the haunting tension of messy, clumsy and incompetent deciding.’

-Martin Lloyd-Elliott, Chartered psychologist, psychotherapist, business coach and bestselling author

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